About S.A.F.E.

Who We Are

At S.A.F.E., our mission is to provide financial education as a public service. Our vision is a nation where all individuals have access to financial education so that they can make smart choices based on their current economic situation.

We believe creating an informed, knowledgeable population that understands the principles of finance and strategic investing not only helps those individuals control the health and safety of their own financial future, but contributes to the health and stability of our national economy overall.

Unfortunately, surveys consistently show that most Americans are sadly lacking when it comes to basic “financial literacy.” The result is that many end up making common investing and retirement planning mistakes they could have avoided.

Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD (S.A.F.E.) is dedicated to providing no-cost financial education as a public service.

Did you know that the average American:

What We Do

Scranton Academy for Financial Education LTD provides education on the principles of finance, investing and personal portfolio management via programs offered in schools and through community organizations.

This education focuses on principles as opposed to particular investments. It is intended to educate investors about financial issues in general, and not as a means of advocating any particular financial product or service.

S.A.F.E. is comprised of a network of qualified financial professionals who volunteer their time as financial educators.

Adult Education Classes

Offered through local or regional continuing education programs.

Workshops And Seminars​

Conducted independently or in association with other local non-profit groups or organizations.

Guest Speaking​

Provided at the request/approval of member clubs and organizations in cooperation with their directors.

Employee Training​

Provided at the request/approval of local businesses in cooperation with their human resources departments.

Our Founder

Scranton Academy for Financial Education Founder, David J. Scranton (CLU, ChFC, CFP®, CFA, MSFS) is the author of three acclaimed books: Stop the Financial Insanity, Return on Principle, and The Retirement Income Stor-E. He created S.A.F.E. with the belief that all Americans should have free access to qualified educational resources to help them make informed, knowledgeable decisions with their hard-earned savings.

A native of Connecticut, Dave has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years. He is a well-established speaker and presenter throughout Connecticut and beyond, committed to educating as many people as possible with his workshops and classes on a broad range of financial topics.

A lifelong scholar himself, Dave developed the idea for a nationwide network of financial educators based on a common observation among his fellow advisors: that a majority of American adults (including those with advanced educations) seemed to have a limited knowledge and understanding of financial fundamentals, including such important concepts as basic investment options, financial defense, market history, the workings of Wall Street, and when to start saving for retirement.

“I believe people should always have free access to this kind of information, especially in today’s complex economic environment,” Dave said. “I’ve seen too many people make costly financial mistakes simply because they lacked an understanding of the fundamental savings and investment options available to all Americans.”

Dave hosts regular financial education workshops at Scranton Academy for Financial Education in Connecticut, and frequently welcomes guest educators, who offer workshops in their particular areas of financial expertise free of charge.